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adamrapp's Journal

We Heart Adam Rapp's Writing
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a community for all those folks out there who enjoy Adam Rapp's dark style of writing.

Just a few rules to start:

1. Respect your fellow members. Discussion and debate is encouraged, but when it becomes out of hand, moderators will step in. Those who instigate will be delt with accordingly.
2. Please do your best with spelling and grammar. We do not ask that you are English whizzes (for some of us are not), but avoid the netslang.
3. Please put spoilers for novels/plays and large images under a livejournal cut.
4. Flamers/spammers will be banned.
5. We <3 intro posts! Don't be afraid to tell us a few things about yourselves :D

so c'mon, join up, and tell us what your favorites are and why!

Thanks and have at!